When to use International Targeting in Search Console?

The international targeting option in the Google search console is a great way to improve your SEO. The tool lets you choose your target country for your website. But if this tool is not used properly then it may damage your google ranking. In this post, you will learn when to use International targeting in the search console and properly implement it.

The Best Way to Use International Targeting in Search Console

Setting up for a Specific Country

For example, you have an e-commerce website selling local Bakery food items in Norway. Thus, your target market is Norway. So, the target country in the search console should be set to Norway. That’s because no one from Asia is ordering that Bakery item. Google will give you a boost for google.no (google Norway extension). This will result in more local orders.

Another example is one of my client’s websites which provides information regarding Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited’s billing services and products. The company works only in Pakistan. So, its customer base is only Pakistanis. I have set its’s target country like Pakistan. It currently ranks on page one on more than 200 popular keywords in Pakistan.

When to select “Unlisted” as an option?

This is for websites that publish universal content. Technology, Health, and Science related websites are some examples. These types of topics possess interest for people across the Globe.

A universal post like Apple’s new iPhone news is liked and read by readers around the world.

Blogonseo.com is also set up as Unlisted as it publishes articles on SEO, WordPress, blogging, etc. These are relevant to people around the world who are into blogging, Web development, and SEO. If I would have targeted only one country then my ranking for other regions would have been lowered.

What if, I have a website that has content specific to more than one country?

There is a simple solution for that.

Use sub-directories or sub-domains to target more than one country.

A good example of that is my own web project “Pluspackages”. It covers the mobile companies’ packages that are served only in Pakistan. But recently, I created a separate category where the website team is supposed to post updates on the United States’ mobile network data plans. To target the USA, I added the page (sub-directory; https://www.pluspackages.com/us) on Google Search Console separately. There I set its target country like the United States.

Final Words

Google Search Console is a powerful tool for SEO. Use it wisely to unlock tons of gold organic traffic.

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