How to increase Adsense Ads Clicks with Ad Inserter Pro

Do you want to know how to increase the Adsense Ads Clicks rate?

Within 2 days of optimization, my daily Adsense earnings from one website increased from $3-5 to $12-17 per day.

What I did do?

I installed Ad Inserter WordPress Plugin.

Yes! It really did some magic.

What is Ads Inserter Pro and How does it increase Adsense Ad clicks?

Ad Inserter is the most simple and easy-to-use solution for Ad management.

Before using the Plugin, what I did was put ads manually. The performance was average. I always knew I’m far behind the actual Adsense potential.

For low CPC keywords and regions, I give a try to Ads inserter.

There are blocks on Ads inserter. Paste the Ad script in it, select the placement, device type (on which the Ad will be visible), and done. Moreover, you can select where you want to show the Ad on posts, homepage, static pages, etc.

This is the basic setup of an Ad inserter for an Adsense monetized website.

The revenue starts increasing when I used the sticky widget Ad settings. You can use it on the sidebar in a rectangle or a skyscraper Ad size and made it sticky. This truly improved the Active View Viewable percentage of Ad units.

Hence, Ads click rates dramatically increased.

This revenue growth pushes me to upgrade to the Ad Inserter Pro version for only $20 a Year(License for 2 websites).

If you really want to cash out all the juice from Adsense, Give a try Ad Inserter Pro.

Here is the full list of features you can get from the Ad Inserter pro version:

  • Geolocation using Webnet77 or MaxMind databases (works also with caching)
  • Country, state, region, and city-level geotargeting
  • Blacklist/Whitelist IP addresses or countries/cities (works also with caching)
  • Ad impression and click statistics (works also with <iframe> Javascript ads like Google AdSense)
  • Statistics reports for clients in PDF format or public web pages
  • External tracking via Google Analytics or Matomo (Piwik)
  • A/B testing – discover adverts and settings that perform best
  • Frequency capping – limit impressions or clicks
  • Click fraud protection
  • Lazy loading
  • Sticky ads with an optional close button
  • Sticky sidebar ads (stick to the screen or to the content)
  • Floating slide-in banner adverts
  • Sticky (floating) ads with animations (fade, slide, turn, flip, zoom)
  • Animation trigger for sticky ads (page scroll in % or px, HTML element becomes visible)
  • background ads (skin ads)
  • Support for sticky ad bar
  • Support for scheduling date and time with a fallback option
  • Support to show ads as soon as the GDPR consent is given
  • Support for ads in iframes
  • Anti-ad-blocking features – replace ads, protect content
  • Adblocking statistics
  • Multisite options to limit settings on the sites
  • Individual post/page exception management
  • Export and import of settings
  • Support via email

Final Words

Ad Inserter is an excellent Ads management WordPress plugin. Use it with any monetization platform and obtain a better outcome.

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