How much traffic your website gets?

Learn how much traffic your website is getting?. This is essential in understanding the competition and the position of your website. You’ll be in a better position in analysing the website niche and will ultimately improve your content strategy.

Secondly, when choosing to buy or sell a website having the proper information is necessary. Traffic numbers matter and this will ensure the safety of your investment.

There are several Website Traffic Calculators on Google that provide details regarding monthly traffic etc but they have some shortcomings. Some update the traffic slowly and some are not accurate.

The Best Tool to Check How Much Traffic Your Website Gets

In my personal experience, I have found on top in terms of providing information about website traffic. It’s indeed the best free way to know about your website traffic.

The platform does not disclose the source of traffic but will give you an accurate number of monthly visitors.

website outlook

The tool evaluates the website by providing information about Alexa rank, backlinks, page authority, domain authority, Moz rank, and worth. When you will scroll down, you will also find website meta details, SemRush Metrics, DNS Report, IP Address Information, and Domain Whois Records. Website outlook receives 10+ million of traffic per month.

Moreover, now you can install the chrome extension for

website traffic
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