Guide to Point Godaddy domain to SiteGround Hosting Server

Here is the guide to to Point Godaddy domain to SiteGround Hosting Server.

Both companies are highly popular in the WordPress community. The WordPress recommend SiteGround for hosting. On another hand, Godaddy is the biggest domain registrar. Both result in the cheapest yet reliable website startup experience.

Point Godaddy domain to SiteGround hosting with the help of this simple method.

Steps to use SiteGround hosting WordPress with the Godaddy domain:

  1. Log on to your SiteGround hosting account.
  2. Click on Add Website
  3. Select the existing domain option and enter your domain name
  4. Copy SiteGround Name Servers
  5. Log on to your Godaddy domain account
  6. Select DNS
  7. Click on the Change servers option
  8. Paste SiteGround Name Servers

The setup will take a few minutes to direct your domain on the new server.
I have also recommended SiteGround Hosting with Godaddy Domain in my pillar blog post to start a blog in WordPress.

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