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I’m Sikander Jafar, a web publisher with 5+ Years of SEO, WordPress, and Content Writing experience. This is my blog about SEO and Blogging.

I share my learning, implementations, and mistakes to help bloggers and SEO learners. I mainly work on WordPress and have a few websites built on Drupal CMS. Currently, I have nine fine-established websites, ranking in the top spots in different competitive markets and keywords.

My recent projects include a niche website with 15 posts only, earning $1500 per month only with display advertisements with an average Ad CTR of 15 percent. Too good, right? See how can you double up your Adsense earning.

Also, I have tested many Web hosting services, from shared to cloud. Do check out some of my honest web hosting reviews.

Keep in mind, SEO and Blogging are a continuous learning process, especially in a world full of Artificial Intelligence.

Apart from all that, I’m a strategic gaming fan and always in find of sanity in politics and history.

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